Stop Bowling Back pain

The Only Belt That Trains Your Back To Heal Itself

Excessive swing torque causes asymmetrical stress to
the spine and causes back pain - Back A Line Belt is
made to fix your back posture.

Our customers love it:

"I have some stenosis and arthritis in my lower back and it was affecting my golf swing. I wear this support (and do some back stretches) on the course and swing without any problems. Works Great for me."

It really works. One golf professional friend of mine asked me after trying one on, "Is this legal?" It does not violate any rules of golf but is will help your posture for golf and likely help your game.

How does it work?

Corrects spinal posture

Corrects spinal posture

The patented curved and firm lumbar pad provides the ideal surface for back support and proper posture. The support corrects affected spinal mechanics, the true cause of back injuries.

Builds muscle memory

Builds muscle memory

Unlike elastic supports, which can cause damage to the back, our non-stretch belt provides a firm supportive surface, realigning abdominal and spinal muscles. Creating an internal behavioral reaction, the belt undoes bad habits the same way they were acquired.

Increase core strength

Increase core strength

The resistance provided by firm pressure causes muscles to activate whether needed or not. The abdominals activate muscles in the same manner as Pilates, and conforming to the lumbar pad activates the spinal muscles.

Back-A-Line holds the only Patent on a "Curved and Firm" Back Support

Reinforced back pad protects the Spine and stimulates back muscles at the same time

The firm non-elastic belt provides the support to ensure proper positioning of the back

Our unique patented design puts us ahead of our competition. It's why we are recommended by the professionals.

Physicians approved and recommended:

Take the stress out of Bowling with Back-a-line