Back pain is caused by “spinal mechanics” that are out of natural balance. This generally occurs over time as a result of the various stresses we put on our back. A Harvard Medical School study proved that a “curved and firm” surface when pressed against the lower back created proprioceptive feedback, a dynamic that subconsciously retrains your spinal mechanics to their proper, natural balance. Back-A-Line patented the only way to create proprioceptive feedback. That is what is so unique about our product. It is a unique, and proven way to help relieve back pain without the need for drugs or surgery. A Miami University (OH) study showed that Back-A-Line keeps the spine in a safe range of motion and credited the successful results to proprioceptive feedback. Back-A-Line works at the subconscious level which major medical school studies have proven to be the most effective way to restore the back's natural balance.

1) One study was conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health on 9,377 material handling employees of Wal-Mart, Inc., using only the common elastic-style “girdle” belts. It proved that the girdle-type back belts simply did not work. Download the research

2) HARVARD Medical study: The “curved and firm” pad (Back-A-Line’s patent) provides a proprioceptive and apparent pain blocking feature. A smoothly contoured firm surface therefore appears to be a desirable feature of a back brace. Download the research
Back-A-Line actually helps your back self-rectify using proprioceptive or ‘dynamic’ feedback. “Dynamic” means that there is a Bio-feedback phenomenon, created by Back-A-Line’s patented lumbar pad, which causes spinal tissues to maintain a safe range of motion. Since postural “habits” – usually bad – have been part of our spinal mechanics for most of our lives, it’s almost impossible to correct them at the conscious level. It must be corrected at the subconscious – or behavioral – level which is the result of this Bio-feedback. A Harvard Medical School paper found that a “curved and firm surface”, pressed against the spine, was the best way to create this “dynamic”, and the reason why only Back-A-Line can use the term.
Most everyone with back pain will find relief when wearing Back-A-Line's Dynamic Back Supports. However, those with spinal anomalies – scoliosis, spinal fusion, kyphotic posture – may NOT be able to adjust their spine to the curve of the lumbar pad, making it somewhat uncomfortable to wear. That category represents about 5% of the population. But Back-A-Line works for most people who have moderate to severe lower back pain or fatigue problems. We are not a substitute for medical treatments or for medical professionals. That said, Back-A-Line is the most recommended back brace solution on the market by professionals. Back-A-Line is also covered under Medicare Reimbursement code #L0641. Customers have told us that Medicare has reimbursed them from $60-65, although we do not guarantee this as this may be subject to change. If you have health insurance under a private carrier, we recommend calling to check if your insurance will cover reimbursement. If so, typically all you need to do from there is ask for a prescription from your doctor and provide a receipt to your provider.
Absolutely NOT! There are many back supports on the market, some for weightlifting, some for other purposes. Lots of claims are made. Some of them cost less than ours, some cost more. But unless their belts correct poor posture, they simply will not reduce your back pain or risk of further injury. Worse, some back supports on the market actually create back problems because they essentially act like a girdle, and therefore make your muscles weaker, not stronger like Back-A-Line does. As a matter of fact, a major study done by Wal-Mart on elastic, girdle-type back belts (and published in The Journal of the American Medical Association) showed NO effect on pain and injury rates when using them.

Back-A-Line has been in business for over 23 years. During that time, the Back-A-Line Dynamic Supports have been worn by tens of thousands of people in industrial, work, and home environments as well as having been tested by the US Army plus a number of highly-rated academic institutions. Endorsements from major medical and chiropractic groups make Back-A-Line the most recommended product of it’s type by expert professionals.

Proof: A 75% reduction in back pain and fatigue Back-A-Line has been formally tested in scores of US industries with over 2,000 participants. After three weeks of using Back-A-Line, the industries reported a 75% reduction in back pain and fatigue among their workers.

Proof: A 61% reduction in back injuries A one-year test by the US Army of material off-loaders in a combat zone resulted in a 61% reduction in back injuries!

Proof: A 95% reduction in ‘high-risk’ employees And a recent set of tests by a major airline resulted in a 95% reduction of people in the Danger Zone (those who started as "high risk" subjects). As a result, they ordered Back-A-Line for their worldwide baggage handlers. We've received thousands of letters and emails from highly satisfied individuals who have worn Back-A-Line's Dynamic Back support in athletic competition, driving, riding motorcycles, gardening, working at a desk job and waitressing, among other daily activities. You can read some of these emails and letters in our testimonials The experience of real people, people just like you, show that Back-A-Line Dynamic Back Supports correct posture; activate abdominal muscles to help strengthen the core; strengthen the back; reduce pain and fatigue; and lessen the chances of back injury.

YES. If you have Medicare, you can typically get a $60-65 reimbursement on any Back-A-Line product. All you have to do is go to your doctor and say you want to get a Back-A-Line support with Medicare Reimbursement Code #L-0641. Tell your physician and he/she will understand this.

If you have other insurance, just ask your doctor or call your provider up and they can explain how to get reimbursed.

Our DELUXE model is our most popular and provides the lumbar padding to activate and increase your core and back strength, correct spinal mechanics and build long-term muscle memory for correct posture.

Our PREMIER® LUMBAR SUPPORT with BMMI® MEDICAL MAGNETS provides the same lumbar padding and benefits as our Deluxe model, but in addition, the therapeutic magnets that come with the Premier model help further minimize pain, which has helped many of our customers with moderate to severe chronic back pain.

YES. For those suffering from moderate to severe back pain, we recommend the PREMIER® LUMBAR SUPPORT with BMMI® MEDICAL MAGNETS. It provides the same lumbar padding and benefits as our Deluxe model, but in addition, the therapeutic magnets that come with the Premier model help further minimize pain.
YES. We’ve designed and manufactured Back-A-Line supports to fit BOTH body types. For more information on how to determining your correct sizing, and how to put on a Back-A-Line belt, check out our Measurement and Sizing Chart page:
Great question, check out our Measurement and Sizing Chart page!

It explains how to measure your waist to correctly determine your right size, as well as how to put one on.

Great question, check out our page here!

It will walk you through how to put one on, which differs depending on whether your waist is bigger than your hips, or smaller than your hips.

If for some reason you’re not totally satisfied, just send it back to us within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. If it’s the wrong size, we’ll replace it. If you just want your money refunded, we will do so. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Contact us at or call us at (415) 496-6530 for instructions.

YES. All our products are proudly made in the USA :)
Back-A-Line can be worn under clothes, and it has a comfortable, soft “wick-away” liner to transfer moisture away from the body. The patented curved and firm lumbar pad – which separates Back-A-Line from all other supports, and without which there are no benefits at all – adds 1.5 inches to the waist measurement. So just keep in mind if your regular pants are “just the right size”, the pants may not close while wearing Back-A-Line underneath.
YES. Our back supports will be able to help you reduce your pain, especially post surgery. We’ve had customers use it as part of their post rehabilitation. For those experiencing moderate to severe back pain relief, we recommend our PREMIER model with therapeutic magnets.
YES. A LOT of our customers are motorcyclists and swear by it. But don’t take our word for it, check out this Motorcycle Consumer News article where they compared our back support to 5 other contenders.
We have gotten A LOT of feedback from people with degenerated discs and even post severe surgery that said that our products significantly helped them.

Here’s one of them, from Gary T: “Good Support I bought this support after reading an article in Golf Digest about various back supports. I have some stenosis and arthritis in my lower back and it was affecting my golf swing. I wear this support (and do some back stretches) on the course and swing without any problems. Works Great for me.”

No. Our lumbar supports are better than any other kidney belt because the curved firm surface retains it shape in the small of your back. Other kidney belts bend to fit in there, minimizing the pressure over the kidney a kidney belt should have. It’s all about dampening vibration.
Yes. Our Deluxe Lumbar Support comes in ZZ. Also note that if your waist is bigger than your hips, the measurement you should be taking is your pant's beltline, not your waist measurement. For instructions on how to properly determine your Back-A-Line back support size, see our page here:

We recommend air-drying, as Back-A-Line belts dry very quickly with our wick-away material. Drying on low is okay, as long as the drying temperature is over 110 degrees Fahrenheit.