Customers have said our belt design seems unassuming at first, buuut...after putting it on and doing an activity that would normally get them sore, they find that the back pain relief speaks for itself :)

Follow our instructions below on how to properly wear your Back-A-Line. Then go for a long motorcycle ride, do some work, chores, gardening, sports, or a round a golf...and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!



Back-A-Line back supports are designed to accommodate any body type, whether your waist is bigger than your hips or smaller.

Here's how you put it on:

1) If your waist is SMALLER than your hips...

With the scratchy velcro side in your LEFT hand, place the curved side of the lumbar pad in the small of your back, and wrap the belt around you so that the velcro ends meet at the front of your body, at about navel (belly button) height. 

Suck in your stomach, attach the velcro, and then let your stomach expand into the belt. Take the second 2" strap, wrapping it from the right side through the metal loop on the left, and back on itself to attach the velcro. The second strap allows you to snug/fine adjust the fit of the brace.


2) If your waist is BIGGER than your hips...

With the scratchy velcro side in your RIGHT hand, place the lumbar pad in the small of your back, and wrap the belt around you so that the velcro ends meet at the front of your body, about 4" under your belly. (If your belt model comes with a logo on it, it should be visible and upside down.)

Then lift your belly, attach the velcro, and let your belly weight fall into our non-stretch belt, which will snug it up and as a bonus feature, will carry most of your belly weight. This serves to further reduce back strain, as you won't have to over-arch your back, AND improves your balance, as your center of gravity is now closer to you.


Whoa! Is This How It Should Feel On Me?
a.k.a...How Long Should I Wear It To Feel An Effect?

Give it a little time - we recommend 30 minutes to 2 hours to notice an effect.

If your posture is poor, at first it may feel like a bar of soap against your spine. But wear it for 30 minutes to 2 hours (or more), and your spine will ultimately match the curve of the pad so there are no high spots. It will get comfortable, and you'll notice reduced back pain. At that point that's when you know your posture is getting better, and you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it.


What's The Second Velcro Strap For?

1) It gives you leverage to tighten the belt even further (which helps and is important for those with chronic/severe pain) and...

2) It prevents the primary velcro from catching an edge and peeling open.

Note: All versions, except the ZZ, have a 4" velcro for the main installation.


Are All Back-A-Line Belts Machine Washable?

Yes, our belts are machine washable with a cold or warm water setting. We recommend air-drying or machine drying in low heat.

Note that if the pad is subjected to a temperature of 120 or more, it will start to melt the pad.  Under that, you are OK!


Should I Wear It Inside Or Outside My Clothes?

Most of our customers wear it outside their clothing, but you can wear it inside your clothing if you have loose-fitting garments that can accommodate the additional 1.5 inch increase in waist circumference.


What Material Are Back-A-Line Belts Made Out Of? Quick Drying? Wick-Away?

Yes! Back-A-Line belts are made with quick dry, wick-away fabric. This means there are two different sides to the cloth.  The one against the skin is hydro-philic (meaning it absorbs moisture from the skin to the belt, where the quick-dry material will quickly evaporate the moisture into the environment).  The other side is “hydro-phobic”, meaning the moisture can’t migrate back again.

The outer fabric is abrasion-resistant polyester and nylon lining with a thin foam backing. The lumbar pad is an injection molded EVA foam, like polyurethane.  The magnets, where applicable, are “therapeutic”, the best in the world, with iron powder (and other metals) embedded in a polyurethane matrix, able to conform exactly to the lumbar pad.


Will This Wrinkle If I Wash It Or After Using It Over Time?

Nope. Our belts don't wrinkle because the main part of the belt is made with non-stretch material and when worn, th fabric is stretched tight against the pad.  And because the pad has a continuous curve, there are no high spots or low spots. 


Wait, I Have More Questions! 

No problem. You can check out our FAQ page here.

OR...get in touch with us! Just send an email to or call (415) 496-6530



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