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Does your back hurt from performing even the simplest tasks?
Does your back ache when playing sports or recreational activities?
Do you get back pain when doing household chores or gardening?
Motorcyclists - does your back ache from long rides?

Learn how you can relieve your back pain without expensive drugs or invasive surgery

Prevent back injury or rehab faster without
the need for drugs or surgery

Maintain Safe Spinal Posture

Back-A-line maintains safe spinal posture preventing back injury and creating new muscle memory.

Your 100%, Risk Free Guarantee

We are so confident that the Back-A-Line will help with your back pain relief that we offer a complete, no quibble guarantee. If you are not completely delighted by our product, we insist that you return it for a full refund. We can’t say fairer than that?

Back-A-Line holds the only Patent on "Curver and Firm" Back Support

Patented Back Pad protects the Spine and stimulates back muscles at the same time

The firm non-elastic belt provides the support needed to ensure proper positioning to protect the back

Our unique patented design puts us ahead of our competition. It's why we are recommended by the professionals.

How does Back-A-Line work?

Back-A-Line Works because it is the ONLY back brace support that addresses the REAL cause of back pain. Back pain is caused by ‘spinal mechanics’ that are out of natural balance. This happens over time by various stresses we place on our back. Back-A-Line is a medically proven way to ‘re-program’ your subconscious into better posture, maintaining natural balance and relieving back pain.

Back-A-Line helps "re-program" your brain into better posture and relieve back pain without the need for drugs or surgery

Correct spinal posture

Correct spinal posture

Patented curve, firm lumbar pad, provides the ideal surface for back support and proper posture. The support corrects spinal mechanics, the true cause of back injuries.

Build muscle memory

Build muscle memory

Unlike elastic supports, which can cause negative effects, our non-stretch belt provides a firm surface, activating both abdominal and spinal muscles constantly. It’s a behavioral reaction, undoing bad habits the same way they were acquired.

Increase core strength

Increase core strength

The resistance provided by firm pressure causes muscles to activate whether needed or not. The abdominals activate muscles in the same manner as Pilates, and conforming to the lumbar pad activates the spinal muscles.

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