How did Back-A-Line become the world’s most recommended back relief product by leading experts?

Bill Landtbom

Bill Landtbom

How our founder avoided back surgery

The Back-A-Line Solution for back pain was developed by Bill Landtbom in 1993 as a result of a serious back injury from a rear-end car accident. Bill discovered that a firm surface, curved to fit his back, dramatically eased the discomfort and ultimately helped him avoid surgery. He then invested years of time and money to perfect the Back-A-Line solution, resulting in a unique patent that has gained broad industry recognition.

Back-A-Line is now the most recommended product by back specialists

Back-A-Line became very popular with back specialists and is now the most recommended product for back pain by top back specialists in the United States and the rest of the world. Following medical reports from Harvard Medical School, testing at Miami University of OHIO, and testimonials from Chiropractic Sports Performance Council and other professional physician groups in the United States, the Back-A-Line product became very popular and was universally praised by back experts as a very effective way to treat back pain.

Back-A-Line has tested and sold our Dynamic Back Support across many industries, including air transport, food and grocery, health care, trucking, and manufacturing as well as public sector unions and the US Army. Whether you work a desk job 9-5 at a Fortune 500 company, or suffer from chronic back pain, we at Back-A-Line Belt are proud to offer you the same unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

An introduction from the inventor

An introduction from the expert

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