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Our Dynamic Back Support PREMIER® with clinically proven BMMI® medical magnets is ideal for those with moderate to severe chronic back pain. Whether you're seeking advanced pain relief from an old injury, sore from sitting all day at work, heavy lifting or from athletic activities such as golfing, bowling or while out on a long motorcycle ride - this brace can help reduce your pain.

The PREMIER® lumbar support is embedded with therapeutic BMMI concentric circle medical magnets to specifically reduce inflammation, promote healthy blood flow, and minimize pain receptor signals to the brain. And because our back support belts are made out of non-stretch fabric, it will not wrinkle your skin and become easily worn and stretched out like elastic belts do. All our back supports will increase your core and back muscles, improve your posture, provide lumbar support, and reduce back stress.

Together, the PREMIER® lumbar support and its patented magnets provide the ultimate relief from chronic back pain.

The PREMIER®, like the DELUXE®, features a secondary Velcro safety strap that ensures lumbar support even in the most strenuous work and play environment. Made with quick-dry, breathable, washable fabric, and sweat resistant wick-away lining, the PREMIER® is currently available in Black only with no logo.

WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK: 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE to relieve your back pain. If you choose the wrong size, we'll replace it. Or if it's not quite what you wanted, tell us within 30 days, and we'll give you a full refund.

Note: Because you can wear it underneath or over your clothing, this product comes with no logo.

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